Savaree is an open-source ride-sharing platform that brings together drivers going a certain route and people who need a ride along that route. Drivers register their route and the approximate time of departure along the route, so potential carpoolers can search for routes that match where they want to go. It understands that people have reservations and preferences about whom they’d like to travel with, and research proves this. So Savaree matches drivers with passengers that belong to the same institute or organization, who have a much higher probability of matching interests and personal preferences. As such, people are much more likely to engage in carpooling. Savaree is about more than just cutting down on transportation costs and traffic. Savaree is about encouraging people to meet new people, to have a friendly chat on the way to work, inculcating a sense of civic responsibility in us, and most of all, Savaree is about helping us realize that there is a human side to every commuter in the roaring hubbub of a large city.