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Empowering governments to meet citizens' needs

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Empowering governments to meet citizens' needs

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Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab is a dedicated volunteer-run program of Code for Pakistan in partnership with OPEN Islamabad that designs real solutions with, and for, communities in and around Islamabad. It is part design lab, part community caucus, and part accelerator of civic startups.

By working in collaboration with government run organization as well as like-minded citizens, ICIL encourages and facilitates citizen and community engagement in civic innovation initiatives.

Aside from facilitating the city government in opening up data, the Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab continuously works to develop a culture of innovation, collaboration and inclusivity within the city.

The main aim of ICIL is to help government come up with solutions that impact citizens, improve their involvement in civic facing government projects and support initiatives that can make Islamabad a truly innovative city.
  • Innovation – Initiate and support innovative solutions to problems faced by citizens within and around Islamabad.
  • Inclusivity and Transparency – Increase citizen involvement and encourage government to have more transparency in civic projects.
  • Efficiency – Ensure swift, efficient and smart delivery of government services to the citizens



Through the creation of open source technology to address civic needs, we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement, encouraging the opening of government data, and supporting innovation in the public domain.

Our Labs meet regularly to collaborate with local stakeholders (including Government, partner Non-profit Organizations, and Media Organizations) on projects that focus on how to use 21st century web and data tools to improve civic interfaces.

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Meera Nadeem
Sahar Habib
Director Communications

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