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Empowering governments to meet citizens' needs

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Empowering governments to meet citizens' needs

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Empowering governments to meet citizens' needs


CILC, launched by the support of CfP, is a platform for enabling civic minded volunteers to contribute with their own unique skill set towards solving issues faced by Citizens of Rawalpindi.

Solutions developed in collaboration with local government organization, NGOs and other welfare organizations facilitated through involving stakeholders at all levels and contributing back to the public domain the work done.

As a result, evolving CILC into a flagship for civic collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Civic Innovation Lab Chaklala aims to build a vast community of people from different domains striving for the betterment of Rawalpindi.
CILC is determined to enable civic minded people collaborate and deliver smart solutions to common problems of the citizens.

Ownership – Take ownership of the problems
Be Responsible – Taking initiatives for betterment
Communicate and collaborate – Interact to build smart solutions



Through the creation of open source technology to address civic needs, we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement, encouraging the opening of government data, and supporting innovation in the public domain.

Our Labs meet regularly to collaborate with local stakeholders (including Government, partner Non-profit Organizations, and Media Organizations) on projects that focus on how to use 21st century web and data tools to improve civic interfaces.

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Ayesha Akhtar
Associate Software Engineer

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