KP Fellowship 2014

KP Innovation Fellowship 2014

A city like Peshawar ends up in world news daily, mostly because of the terror threats and challenges it faces. But its irrepressible citizens find hope in other areas of progress. They rise to most challenges and resiliently look forward to doing more. The same passion is the fuel behind the Peshawar Fellowship Program. The program is 4 weeks old, but much has transpired in those 4 weeks moving at a very dynamic pace. Allow us to introduce you to the Peshawar Fellowship Program and what’s been happening in the past few weeks.

The 5 open source projects that the Fellows were working on are:

  • Rehnuma
  • No Kunda
  • Messiah
  • Messiah Survey tool
  • DocSeek


Safa Pekhawar
Safa Pekhawar
Record Digitization
Record Digitization


Team No Kunda
Team DocSeek
Team Rehnuma
Team Messiah