Code For Pakistan Summer Internship Program 2015

This year Code for Pakistan wrapped up its very first summer internship program, providing four undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain practical experience within a professional work environment while learning about social and civic innovation.

The eight-week program, implemented in partnership with LMK Resources and OPEN Islamabad, introduced the interns to various concepts and skills that were aimed at enhancing their computer programming and language skills, paired with the ability to identify civic problems, while working together in a team towards a hack/solution, under the mentorship of professionals in their related fields.

The interns worked within a professional environment under the supervision and expert tutorship of computer and social science professionals. They were given training on various subjects, designed to give them an edge in their field as they prepared to begin their final year of college. They attended sessions on social innovation and civic hacking, design thinking, business and customer development, lean startups, MVPs (minimum viable products), and entrepreneurship.

The interns learned not only new technologies, but also learned about novel processes for software development, and creative solutions and outcomes.Technical areas of the internship involved a focus on computer programming and analysis techniques such as AngularJS, Parsing, and Android app development.

For some of the interns, these trainings and tasks required them to step out of their comfort zones and take on tasks that were very new to them. However, they rose to the challenge remarkably well and created a visually appealing and user-friendly website and mobile application that they further submitted to the Telenor Apportunity 2015 web development hackathon event, and won first place in the Health category.

The application they developed, DocLocator, is designed to provide users with a simple interface to search for doctors in their vicinity, based on basic yet crucial criteria such as specialty, clinic timings, availability, and route.

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